Municipalist Manual – Fearless Cities CEE Summit

Samorząd  15 stycznia 2019

We proudly present the Municipalist Manual, a textbook for an urban activist! The magazine sums up the Fearless Cities CEE conference, that took place last year in Warsaw. We had the pleasure to be the host of the event for more than 120 activist from 6 countries.

Municipalist Manual – Fearless Cities CEE Summit

The first Fearless Cities Summit for Central and Eastern Europe Countries took place in Warsaw, 12-15 July 2018. The leading theme of this conference was “Cities in Transformation”.

Fearless Cities CEE Summit was hosted and organized by the City is Ours Association, with cooperation of Marzyciele i Rzemieślnicy – dom innowacji społecznych Techsoup, and Otwarty Jazdów Initative. The conference was funded by Batory Foundation and Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE).